Customizr code snippets

The Customizr WordPress theme is entirely built on an extensible WordPress filter and action hooks API, which makes customizations safe and easy, without ever needing to modify the core structure. To some extent, the theme’s code acts like a collection of plugins that can be enabled, disabled or extended.

The following snippets can really help beginners and advanced developers to extend the Customizr core code and achieve any kind of websites. You’ll find snippets in the following web coding languages : CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP.

If you are not familiar with the WordPress hooks API, I reaaly encourage you to read this quick and easy guide : WordPress Actions, Filters, and Hooks : A guide for non-developers

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Make a Customizr slider display recent posts

Updated April 2015: This snippet now works only with Customizr > 3.3.14 and Customizr-Pro > 1.1.0 In this […]


Embedding a YouTube or Vimeo video in your slider

Updated April 2015: Added an option to prevent the related videos showing (youtube). Updated March 2015: Added unmute […]

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Apply custom or random images to the featured pages

By default in the Customizr theme, the featured pages images use by priority : the page featured images if […]