Nimble Builder listed in the 15 Best WordPress Page Builders of All Time by

Nimble Page Builder is incorporated into the WordPress Customizer after installation. Drag and drop text, pictures, forms, maps, icons, and other modules onto the page to see how they’ll appear when they’re live on your site. From your home page to a single post or page, category or tag pages, 404 pages, and even search results, you may use the Nimble Page builder choices. You may even start from scratch when creating a page.

Don’t be concerned about the theme you select. Nimble Page Builder is compatible with all WordPress themes since it uses native WordPress action hooks. Nimble Page Builder offers a powerful construction experience for a free plugin solution, with a broad selection of content modules accessible, including a classic text editor, picture, column layouts, contact forms, buttons, and icons.

It also lives true to its “Nimble” label, particularly when it comes to mobile devices. It loads incredibly quickly on any mobile device because it was designed as a mobile-first plugin.

The very small user base is a possible source of worry; as of May 2021, there are only 50,000 Nimble Page Builder installations, despite the plugin having an active support group.

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