Customizr Child Theme

Using a child theme is the best and safest way to extend Customizr .

You can of course add functions and style in the original Customizr theme functions.php and style.css files, but they will be lost on upgrade. If you use a child theme, you are safe!


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Useful resources

If you are new to WordPress and the Customizr theme, you might want to check those useful pages.


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  • henry Linquist


  • After 3 weeks with learning word-press, getting to know Customizr it´s time to modify it 🙂
    From a total newbie i already got my first customer case (why did i say yes to that already?) and i need to dive into some coding. Feels like i am doing a new career.
    Thanks WP and customizr for teaching me!

  • Stephen Rice

    I bought the fonts plugin and the Customizr, I have just got done testing it out, Like it says on the tin, so easy to get a nice site running in less than an hour, 1, 2, 3, WOOT-there it is, woopass purchase, very happy here thanks… Stephen Rice Philippines

  • Jim Carswell

    I looked at Customizr in Softaculuos, and it looked great. I am under a deadline to submit some demo sites. So I downloaded the Child Theme. As instructed, I attempted to upload it as a Theme. WordPress 3.9.1 rejected it. I looked inside the zip file and saw the files functions.php and style.css. While I realized that I could add these pieces into WordPress, I don’t have the time. Nor was I willing to buy the full version until I had some personal experience of your claims.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to troubleshoot these problems and still meet my deadline. I find that a shame, because Customizr looks like the ideal solution (however I needed some experience of the full product, so I downloaded the child theme). And, unfortunately, because this happened, all the time spent installing the basic package has been wasted.

    When people hear the word “free”, it really isn’t so. I have just spent time that I could ill-afford on the installation and configuration of the basic Customizr just to see if I could use the commercial version for my clients. Now I will never know, because I have to get functioning demos up and running.

    Will you be posting this comment? I doubt it!

    • Hi Jim, of course I publish it, firstly because I only filter spams and because this feedback might help other users facing the same problem, so thanks for posting it ! 🙂

      You seem to have installed the Child Theme whitout installing the WordPress Customizr parent theme.
      A child theme will not work without its parent.
      Both of them are free of course.

      So here’s what you should do :
      1) In your WP admin > Appearance > Themes, search for the Customizr theme and install it.
      2) Then activate the Customizr Child theme
      Start playing!

      Best regards,
      (for future references, you might want to ask for help in the Customizr support forum)

      More ressources about WordPress Child Theme

      • Jim Carswell

        Nicholas, I appreciate your frankness AND your reply!

        As I re-read my post, I realize that I did not clearly mention that it was only after installing Customizr that I heard about and attempted the install of the child theme – so I was clear about that. But possibly I did not activate the Customizr theme – given that I used Softaculous to install it, I’m assuming that it was activated – and you know what “assume” means.

        Since one of the three sites which I put up turns out to be “dud” because it is much less configurable than it appeared initially, I will go back and see what I can do to get it right this time with Customizr!

        Regards, jim

  • Patricia Voisin

    Merci Nicolas pour ce superbe thème et le travail que vous avez fait. Je viens de le découvrir et il tombe à point nommé pour un renouveau dans mon activité. Je vais prendre le temps de le découvrir dans ses fonctionnements.
    Belle journée à vous !

  • Darrell Porter

    Is there a child theme, or a way, for customizr to be layed out in a magazine/news format?

  • Michel Girard

    Hello Nicolas,

    Thanks so much for this great theme, it is wonderful, as am not professionnal in PHP and CCS, I tryed to modify by myself some part to get the design need for an association.
    I have found how to modify the main menu and the header. That work very nice for someone like me with no knowledge in developping code. Now i am in front of a wall, I have the main menu with first link (button) develop the submenu association. the second button develop the submenu Projects. The main menu is ok, work very well. I have in those pages linked to the association and project declare with left the part up the left sidebar i have put a submenu of association ( the tree of the association button in main menu.
    So when i look at all pages of the association tree, it is good i can see the child menu association well.
    But when i look at the Project tree, i would like in the left sidebar so see a child menu of projects i have created but i don’t know how to hide the submenu association tree and replace it by the submenu Projects tree.
    The right sidebar i use it for others submenu trees like the blog, the forum or last articles posted.
    I hope my explain enough good to be understand, my english is poor.
    Thanks to help me,
    I wish you a nice day, Thanks for your help

  • Menaka S

    Hi Pooja,
    You need not copy header.php from parent theme. Use the childify me plugin to create child theme.
    Follow this snippet