The Customizr showcase is online! 4

Customizr ShowcaseFind inspiration for your next Customizr based website!

This showcase aims to show what can be done with the Customizr WordPress theme and helping other users to find inspiration for their webdesign.

Do you think you made an awesome website that can inspire people? Submitting a site for review is quick and easy to do.

4 thoughts on “The Customizr showcase is online!

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    Alex Luck


    Thank you so much for building a beautiful template! We have completely rebranded our company and your theme complements everything.

    One quick question, how do I set up a Blog Page and keep the Customizr home page settings at the same time? I’d like to have the same layout as Joe the Baker and Saltbound examples in the showcase.



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    Excellent template – I had almost decided “WordPress is no good. Lets get a professional to make the site for us”. As a rare stroke of luck, I saw this. 3 days of 1 hour effort and I have a site that I like to show to people and I am confident people will consider this professional.

    Thank you Customizr!

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    Buffy Griffin


    There seems to be a problem with the smartphone response. At times, when I click on the icon for other pages/categories, it does not respond. Other times it will display the dropdown list, but the post is interupted by a message that reads (you may also like). At other times, it all works just fine. Please help with the bugs.

    Buffy Griffin

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    Noel Chidwick

    This theme is ideal for a growing band website. We’re just starting out with my new band, Painted Ocean, and this theme allows us to build the site in steps as more material comes along. It’s an incentive to get more material ready knowing there’s a good home to showcase it all.

    Very impressed.

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