Adding extra menus to Customizr

Note : the following code snippet requires advanced WordPress developer skills. There's no guarantee that this snippet works as is with the latest version of our themes, and with the latest version of WordPress. That's why you need to always test any code snippets in a staging environment before implementing it in a production site.

You may use the code below to add a secondary menu (actually you could add more than one) above the header, under the header, before footer or under the footer. Here’s the code, that should be added in your child theme’s functions.php:



You will also need to style your menu a bit. This is a very basic starter, which only centers the elements, removes the bullets and adds a bit of right/left padding.

Keep in mind that if you want a multi-level menu you need to build the CSS yourself, I just wanted to show you how to add one or more menus to the theme, styling is not covered here. As you might have guessed, the CSS needs to be added in style.css of your child theme or in Dashboard > Appearance > Customization > Custom CSS panel.

Please note the functions above only creates new menu locations in the layout. In order to see your menus you need to go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus, create/manage your menus and assign them in the newly created locations.


Example: adding more than one menu
When you need to add more than one menu, you should add them as an array, not use register_nav_menu() for each of them. Here’s an example of how to add both top header menu and footer menu:)


I do not recommend this snippet to people who are not comfortable understanding and editing PHP and CSS code at an intermediate to advanced level, as it’s not an “out-of-the-box” solution. It’s just a starter kit for people who know coding but are not yet familiar with WP functions.

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46 thoughts on “Adding extra menus to Customizr

  • Leanne Cohens

    Hi Nicolas & Andrei, have been trying to add additional menus ( menus are added on the theme & showing) my issue is getting them to display on the relevant pages. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong with the php code? I have a child-theme & have created a custom page & category. Any help would be welcomed please?? I am running out of time on this project. Thanks!
    I am testing with the first page template by removing the main customizr menu and replacing it with the menu selected for the template page, but it is not pulling through?

    I have tried this both on my child theme functions.php as well as the solar-page template with the new Customizr 3.4.6 version. The new page template has been copied from the custom-page.php file.

    • Giorgio25b

      this last issue has a solution also posted on the support forum:
      Hi Leanne,
      I think there is a typo in the last line that says:
      add_action('__before_header', 'display_Solar_Menu');

      and should be:
      add_action('__before_header', 'display_solar_menu');

      if your function is called 'display_solar_menu', you need to invoke it exactly in the same way and not with capital letters 'display_Solar_Menu'.

      Hope it helps

      • Leanne Cohens

        Hi Giorgio, all I get now is the dreaded “white page” the code I was using is

        All the menus are showing in Customizr I just cannot seem to get them to display on the template page in lieu of the standard customizr nav bar. And yes I have posted in both as I am really starting to pull my hair out & I need to get this working 🙁

  • Leanne Cohens

    Ok 7 menu created with locations, I have tried to set the locations on specific pages for the additional menus. I am testing with the first page template by removing the main customizr menu and replacing it with the menu selected for the template page, but it is not pulling through?

    ‘// Remove customizr main menu
    remove_action ( ‘__navbar’ , array( $this , ‘tc_menu_display’ ), 30, 1);
    // display function for your menu:
    function display_solar_menu() {
    if ( tc__f( ‘__Solar_Page’ ) ) {
    echo ( has_nav_menu( ‘solar-menu’ ) ? wp_nav_menu (
    array (
    ‘theme_location’ => ‘solar-menu’,
    ‘container_id’ => ‘solar-menu’,
    ‘container_class’ => ‘solar-menu’
    ).” : ” );
    // Hook display functions for each of them on theme elements:
    add_action(‘__before_header’, ‘display_Solar_Menu’);

    I have tried this both on my child theme functions.php as well as the solar-page template with the new Customizr 3.4.6 version. The new page template has been copied from the custom-page.php file.
    Any help would be appreciated!

  • Artie

    Hey! Interesting theme you get here 😀 But I have one question. What should I write if I want that menu in the same row with credits? Just like your website has it. I tried that “before credits” but it didn’t look good, personal preference I guess 😀

  • natale

    Hi Nicolas! Im trying to add this secondary menu for changing the language of the page, coz it does not look placed in the main menu. Ive managed to incude the secondary menu in the WP 4.2 versión.

    The problem is the location; if i choose before_header it does not appear, instead i get an ugly white space between main menu and the option after header is not valid for this case, where we want to set a menú for language in the corner of the header. I dont know what i`ve been doing wrong, and ive tried all combinations i could imagine.

    This is what i pasted:

    • Nicolas

      Hi Cristi,
      We are working on a major update of the theme where this option will be available, in a few days. Stay tuned!
      Best regards,

      • Joe

        The current version allows you add more menus, but only one will display and it only displays in the main menu location. I am very much looking forward to the major update that you mention above that will allow us not not only add more menus, but display them in other locations. Thanks for the continued development of an already great theme.

      • Cristi

        Yay!!! Very excited….:) is this the update that went through yesterday?? If so can i be lazy and ask you here how to do the menus?

        PS. As an extremely opinionated person, I mean, discerning person, I adore customizr and I adore y’all for making it!! Cant wait till I can buy pro so yall can get paid for your awesome work!!

  • Christy Leach

    I am wondering if this would work for me, is there an example of what this would look like with a secondary menu? I’m very green on this subject thanks!

  • Dimitris

    This is perfect.

    I just change “wp_footer” to “__before_footer” and it is better i think

    Thank you guys.

  • Patrick

    I’m wondering if there is an easy way to display 2 menus within the header menu-container.

    Basically show the main nav menu slightly higher than it is by default and then directly below it display a different menu, all within navbar-inner row-fluid, using the same CSS for the menu structures and same responsive capabilities for both.

    I do not see any straightforward way to accomplish this. Any help would is appreciated!

  • Sherry

    I have encountered another problem. No matter what I do, I cannot create a menu navigation bar. It does not appear on the site.

    When I create a menu nothing happens. What I do notice is that when I go to pages, the front page does not appear, so there is no way to make it the home page.

    I have attempted to delete all pages and the Customizr theme and reloaded it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love this them and badly want to use it.

  • Richard Force

    What CSS code would I need to add to make my secondary menu look just like the primary. The only change I would actually make to the CSS is the font size and have it floating to the left with the primary floating to the right about 50px down.

  • Aymen


    I would like to the change my main menu on my home page but I don’t know how.
    Well, I’m definitey not a pro in WordPress, I started to work on my website 3 months ago and i’ve never downloaded a child. (Is it too late ? I will loose all my job if I download one ?).

    I want to know if somebody can help me and tell me how can i delete my menu to put a new one ( “more beautiful”) . A free and nice menu.
    Thank you so much guys and sorry if I made some mistakes in english, I’m french.

    This is my header php page :

    * The Header for Customizr.
    * Displays all of the section and everything up till
    * @package Customizr
    * @since Customizr 1.0

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="” type=”text/css” media=”screen” />

    <html class="ie ie7" >

    <html class="ie ie8" >

    <html >

    do_action( ‘__before_body’ );

    <body >

    <header class="
    ” role=”banner”>

    tc_logo_title_display(), TC_header_main::$instance->tc_tagline_display(), TC_header_main::$instance->tc_navbar_display()
    do_action( ‘__header’ );

    do_action ( ‘__after_header’ )

    • Nicolas

      Hi Aymen,
      You can remove the built-in customizr menu with the following code :

      Then add any menu you need in the __navbar hook.If you are new to WP development, you might be interested by this quick guide on how to use WordPress hooks.

      Hope this will help !

      • Jaume Albaigès

        Hi Nicolas,

        I would like to make something similar to this: I would like to put the main menu under the brand and navbar divs, so it displays in “full width mode”. I believe I first need a remove_action like this one you put here. And then I would call the menu in __after_navbar hook with an add_action. Where do I put this two remove/add actions? In my child functions.php? Inside another function or not? Could you lend me a hand on this? I’ve been able to achieve this by modifying class-header-menu.php (just replacing “__navbar” by “__after_navbar” in tc_menu_display call), but I believe it might be better to do what I have previously said (ie, remove/add action). Thank you very much!

  • Siva Suresh

    I created a secondary menu using this snippet. It is working well.

    How can I make it responsive like the main menu ? I mean, how to make it shrink to 3 bar on small screens?

    • Nicolas

      Hi Siva,
      This would require to code something like the tc_menu_display() method located in inc/parts/class-header-menu.php. I might come with something simpler as a snippet and / or a theme improvement.

  • Emily

    I added another menu with the code snippet which allowed me to create a new menu but it is not functional. I wanted it to be external links but even if I had pages within the site to the menu you can’t click on them; it’s just text.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Lee

    I need 3 menus, one you already have which is the main one at the top. The other 2 menus I need to target specific pages that is under the main menu.

    In my website, I have 2 products and the 2 products I would like to have left side menu for them. Could you help with suggestion.


  • James

    I’ve followed these instructions and can place a menu in the four different locations provided.

    Is there anyway to put the buttons where the site tagline goes?

    • Ariela

      I would love to know that aswell… Did you found an answer in all these days?
      I’m kinda driving mad to know why new menus doesn’t show up on the Navbar next to the default one (like it’s seen on the Demo).
      The best solution I came up to was the following:

      But the styling of the new menu was different than the one shown on the primary menu: there was no dropdown menu, no alignment, different color and such.

      • Ariela

        Aaaaand… nevermind 😐

        Like always, right after I asked for help (And after almost 4 hours of trial-and-errors, web searches, many cigarettes and tons of frustration) I realized that I totally misunderstood the whole menus thing. The answer to my problems was right under my nose, so simply that I have to admit I feel ashamed of myself.
        What I was looking for just needed the menu inserted into the theme by default, no need of secondary ones (Erm… I actually added eight menus, you don’t really want to know how much I messed the Website layout :-P). I just ran into an issue once and thought I had to tweak the theme, while I probably had to pay more attention to what I was doing and maybe try a second time before finding another solution…
        Ah, women and their need to make things more complicated than they actually are!

        Anyways… Cheers for the theme, I really loved (aside from this “inconvenience”) restyling my site with Customizer, and I had the pleasure to see how much your support is great and professional, that is -sadly- definitely not a common thing these days.
        Keep up the good work!

        • Nicolas

          😀 I understand very well what you feel! The “right under my nose” thing is something I’ve experienced (and continue to) so often!
          Thanks for your feedback and enjoy the theme Ariela.

  • kstandley

    The answer was to move the __is_home if statement to the display function at the bottom of my code.

    So now the secondary menu only shows up on the homepage.

    • Kevin Standley

      Ok the code I posted in March of 2014 no longer works with WordPress 4.0.1 and Customizr 3.2.3. For some reason if

      stopped working.

      Here is the full code I was using. I’m not sure why is_home died now.

      If anyone can enlighten me please?


  • kstandley

    I’m trying to get the secondary-menu to only appear on the home page. I tried adding

    at the if statement. Is that the right direction?

    • Andrei Post author

      The exclamation mark in your expression means “not”. So you’re only displaying the menu on pages that are not home. Correct should be:

      • kstandley

        Thank you for the help,
        I tried both __is_home and __is_front_page but the second menu still shows up on all pages. Do I need an else statement?

  • Terry Chadban

    Last attempt before I give up and try another theme:
    When I copy and paste the first code snippet into Customizr v3.1.6 and Child theme v1.0.0, everything works fine and I get my choice of two menus. But when I copy and paste the second snippet, for multiple menus, which is what I need, I get the following errors:

    “Warning: Missing argument 2 for register_nav_menu(), called in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\customizr-child\functions.php on line 11 and defined in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\nav-menu.php on line 106

    Warning: Illegal offset type in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\nav-menu.php on line 107”

    which would indicate that the problem is NOT my stupidity, but a problem with the second code snippet! Has anything been changed in the nav-menu code since this snippet was released?

    • Andrei Post author

      The code you’re posting is missing the first part of the code, which is quite important. Please eliminate all the code you added and try to copy paste everything this time. Also, please note that the functions.php file of your child theme should have <?php
      on first line, just like any other pure php file. Also note that it is considered a good practice not to exit php mode before end of file.

      • Terry Chadban

        I am AWARE that the code did not copy correctly into this forum! I will make this as simple as I can for you. I copied and pasted your second functions.php code into my test WordPress install and I got the following errors:

        “Warning: Missing argument 2 for register_nav_menu(), called in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\themes\customizr-child\functions.php on line 11 and defined in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\nav-menu.php on line 106

        Warning: Illegal offset type in C:\Program Files (x86)\InstantWP_4.3.1\iwpserver\htdocs\wordpress\wp-includes\nav-menu.php on line 107″

        When I copy and paste the first functions.php snippet into the same WordPress install it works fine, so what is the problem with the second multi menu snippet?

  • Terry Chadban

    Hi Andrei,
    I am trying to set up Customizr using a child theme with three menus, the main menu as-is, with a smaller menu on top-right above the header area for just Contact and Find pages, and another menu above the footer attributes for the necessary legal pages. But so far Customizr is still only allowing one menu. Here is what I have so far — my functions.php (in the child theme):

    and my style.css:

    Yes, I am a beginner when it comes to CSS, but I am struggling to learn because it is important for me to know it. Any ideas where I am going wrong?

    • Terry Chadban

      Okay, the functions.php got screwed up. Here is attempt two:


      • Terry Chadban

        For some reason the functions.php is not displaying correctly, but it is the same as your second example above, down to the ‘secondary-menu’ code, which was changed from your ‘wp-footer-menu’ code.


  • UD40

    Created a second menu thanks to this snippet. But what I’d like to do is use this secondary menu for my subitems of my main menu. Is this possible? To get a secondary menu instead of the dropdown menu?

    • Andrei Post author

      Yes, it’s possible, but you have to code the css styles for it yourself. Or search for css menu and find one you like, copy/paste the styles in your stylesheet and assign the needed classes with walker nav function or from the wordpress menus admin page.

  • Sumit

    How can I make a good looking stylish menu in this theme, I have build my website with this theme, but not able to make the menu look stylish (like separated in boxed etc). Is there any pluggin available I can use?

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