Introducing the Grid Customizer 12

The version 1.1+ of Customizr Pro introduces a really neat Grid Customizr features that you can access from the WordPress customizer like the other features.

It allows you to apply beautiful and engaging reveal effects to all your post lists : blog page, home and archives like categories, tags or authors pages.  It also comes with many other customization options like title length, color and location, background, random effects, …

This it the perfect tool for bloggers or anyone publishing content with images. You’ll rediscover the beauty of your blog posts and will dramatically increase your visitors engagement !

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  • Texts are automatically resized depending on the column layout and the device viewport
  • Post thumbnails are dynamically centered, no matter if they are in landscape or portrait.
  • 21 different effects can be applied to reveal your post content on mouse hover
  • Like all the effects? Then you can randomize them !
  • Customize the color and location of the post titles
  • Apply a light or dark background to highlight your titles
  • Customize the title length
  • Customize the post excerpt length
  • Optionaly display the post metas like categories, tags, author and date
  • Display a transparent post format icons in the background, like a picture icon for gallery post format
  • Expand your latest sticky post to occupy 100% of the width on top of the grid
  • Set the max height of each grid item






Below are some effect screenshots when mouse hovering. You can test a live demo of effect #1 on our demo website.





Enabling the Grid Customizer

From your WordPress admin, navigate to : Appearance > Customize > Content > Post listsgrid-customizer


12 thoughts on “Introducing the Grid Customizer

  • Reply

    I am using Customizr Pro, purchased last week, so presumably have the newest version. I am unable to find Grid Customizer. When I try to go to * Appearance > Customize > Content > Post lists * , as you note above, I don’t find such a a navigation path.

    I do have * Appearance > Customize > Front Page Content* and * Appearance > Customize > Main Content * but when I click those and then click either of the items that say posts (i.e. * Pages & Posts layout* , * Single posts *) I do not find Grid Customizer.

    I am enjoying Customizr, getting far down the road on my first WordPress website, have been modifying CSS etc, etc, but man I am loving the look of Grid Customizr but striking out. Hopefully I am just doing something stupid!

  • Reply
    Felix Sperandio

    Is it possible to enable grid layout only for some categories, e.g. adding some conditions in a custom function.
    Something like

    $category = get_the_category(); 
      if ( $category[0]->slug == "some_slug" ) {
    // enable grid-layout 
  • Reply
    Guy Miotke

    Does the theme allow me to display the grid on any page or post? Or is this for the front page only? If this is not an option on the theme is it an option on the pro theme that inlcudes the grid customizer?

    • Reply

      Hi Guy, there’s no such option yet.
      This, along with other options making the theme more versatile and flexible, is currently under deveopment and should be added to the pro theme in the coming weeks.

  • Reply
    Mario Gaddi

    Hi, I would like to customize the size of the grid to make it square for example 350×350 pixels how do I ?

  • Reply

    hi nicholas
    I bought the pro version. grid layout does not look like the demo version . a kind of grid does not appear . grids will help you to show the home ?

  • Reply
    Mark Kan

    Hello Nicolas

    Thanks for your really fast replay. I tried for a couple of days to to implement those solutions, but no success. i’m going to the support forum now.

    Thanks again!

  • Reply
    Mark Kan

    Hello Nicolas,

    We are trying to use the Customizr theme, to make a responsive mobile theme for our site It looks really nice. We are using the Grid Layout. But, there is always a but, is there a way to remove all of the post text? We do’t want it to when you hoover over, just the clean grey hover over color and nothing more.

    Can you help me with this?

    (We don’t have the pro version yet)

    • Reply

      Hi Mark,
      Cool website !
      There’s no specific option in the Customizer to do so. But there are several ways to do it.
      1) CSS just add the display:none rule to the relevant element
      2) PHP add a WordPress filter to the excerpt to render nothing in grid context.

      Hope this helps 🙂
      (You’ll want to open a new thread in the Customizr support forum about this if you don’t know how to implement those solutions).

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