The Hueman theme v3.1.7 is 100% compatible with WordPress 4.6

100% compatible with WordPress v4.6

This new version of the Hueman theme has been successfully tested with the latest release of WordPress.



RSS feed issue fixed

The way we handled rss-feed before was conflicting with plugins (see this issue, and this one ). Therefore, and since it’s harmless, the choice has been made to remove the custom rss-link option from the theme.

Developers who need to use a custom rss-feed can simply filter the core WP function like this :

function hu_feed_link( $output, $feed ) {
// Do not redirect comments feed
if ( strpos( $output, 'comments' ) )
return $output;
// Return feed url
return esc_url( 'YOUR-CUSTOM-FEED-URL' );
add_filter( 'feed_link', 'hu_feed_link', 10, 2 );


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