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The Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.5 is live. It has some great new features (image galleries handling) and improvements. Now available in Spanish!

New features

New image option

In the customizer panel, in the images section, you can now check a new option that will  enable/disable autoscale on lightbox zoom. Very useful if you use large scale images on your website.

Gallery lightbox navigation enabled for images with media link option checked

In Customizr v3.0.5, when you create a gallery and choose the “link to media file” option, the lightbox navigation will be active for your gallery on clicking on any image (instead of opening the media file in an empty window).

This of course will only works if the “enable lightbox” option is checked in the customizer panel!

Customizr is translated in spanish!

Thanks to Maria del Mar for the great work!

Some improvements

IE jQuery fallback for the slider

For users who use IE with a version less than 9, the slider transition will now display better than in the previous versions! ( more information on the code here : )

Feature pages images placeholder is now compatible with IE8 and less

The holder.js script has been updated to v2.0. v1.9 was causing a bug in IE v8 and lower. Thanks to Joel ( and Ivan (

Better handling of comment number bubble

everywhere : check if comments are opened AND if there are comments to display

New welcome screen

The Customizr welcome screen now includes a changelog at the bottom and a Tweet button. This screen is displayed on activation and on every theme update.

Better code organization

In order to make the code eassier to maintain and customize, the class-content-content.php file has been split in smaller class files, by type of content : post, page, attachment,…

Fixed bugs


  • breadcrumb translation domain was not right
  • domain translation for comment title was not set


In v3.0.4, a slider could disappeared only if some slides had been inserted at one time and then deleted or disabled afterward. Thanks to Dave! More information in this post.


I hope you enjoy it and your comments are always welcome!


6 thoughts on “Customizr WordPress Theme v3.0.5 is live!

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    Is it correct that in version 3.1.6 the Gallery lightbox navigation is not working anymore?
    Would love to use that feature but can’t figure out how 🙁

  • Reply

    Hi Thanks.

    I was hoping that this version would allow the option of allowing the call to action on the slider to link to a url outside of the website and not just to the internal pages or posts.

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    Hi, Thanks for all the great work. I love the theme however when I upgraded from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5, my sidebars have disappeared. I have tried all the obvious places but nothing is showing, everything is full width pages. Hope you can help….

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    I don’t like this version of code for 2 reasons:
    1. theme is not plugin, you don’t have to use singleton pattern
    2. if you insist on singleton pattern, why not try coding like bbpress/buddypress, it will be easier for others to understand

    Anyway, the theme is great.

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