Customizr Pro v1.3+ and Customizr theme v3.5+ release note 38

Update : If you are using a cache plugin, you might need to refresh the cache after updating the theme.

Dear Customizr theme users,

I’m happy to introduce the latest versions of the Customizr free and pro themes. Those new releases are safe for child theme users. No templates or core functions have been changed.

The major introduction of this new version is a new social links module in the customizer. We’ve also been working on typography improvements for the theme. The line height is now a little bit taller ( for developer, the css line-height is now set to 1.6em ), following the best web design practices. The default font of the theme is now Poppins, a light and elegant Google font. ( you can set it in customizer > global settings > Google fonts )

Customizr Pro users can now activate the Yoast Seo breadcrumb instead of the Customizr built-in one, if they use this plugin.

This version improves the compatibility with the Woothemes Sensei plugin.

The rest of the changes is listed in the changelog at the bottom of this post.

New enhanced social links module

We’ve been working on an enhanced social module in the customizer > global settings > social links. You can now choose among 146 social icons ( including email and phone ) and link them to your social pages, or to any internal pages of your website.

Your existing links (for users who already had social links set ) will be automatically moved to the new module when activating the new version. You don’t have to do anything.



New screenshot

We’ve been creating a new screenshot reflecting the latest design and statistics of the Customizr theme. This screenshot has been created by Yulia Garcia and myself and uses images licensed under CC0.




  • fixed : fix print of the edit post link in the pro grid customizer
  • fixed : trying to get property of non-object php notice when setting up WooCommerce
  • Imp : add Customizr Pro compatibility for the yoast SEO breadcrumb
  • Imp : improve loading performances for Pro menu customizer and Feat. Pages Unlimited to enqueue only the necessary resources
  • Imp :introduced Poppins as the new default Google font
  • Imp : changed default body line-height in pixelds to 1.6em
  • Imp : new screenshot
  • Imp : implemented an enhanced social links module in the customizer
  • Imp: improved compatibility with Woothemes Sensei plugin fixes #759
  • Imp: use lower tc-page-wrap and tc-sn z-index for compatibility reasons fixes #762
  • Imp: button toggle nav positioning improvments
  • Imp : added a notice for for freshly created menu not yet visible in the header main location
  • Imp: improve side menu positioning depending on the header layout

38 thoughts on “Customizr Pro v1.3+ and Customizr theme v3.5+ release note

  • Reply
    sara mancinelli

    Hi, I also have experienced some little troubles with my slider: images all appears zoomed for 1920 resolutions. I’m using a child theme. Any suggestion?

  • Reply
    SA Innove

    Hi there!
    Just updated the customizr pro (as usual by clicking on update) and got a “500 Internal Server Error”. Can’t neither reach back or front end.
    Switched theme via FTP to wp default twentyseventeen. Website works again. Tried to update customizr pro theme for a second time. Again “500 Internal Server Error”.

    Any ideas?

    All the best from North-East Europe

  • Reply

    The new social settings are amazing! Just last week I was trying to butcher the social icons to turn a unused social icon (yelp) into a phone number with the a ‘tel:’ url, I had to find the font awesome code, modify the functions.php to change the name from yelp to phone, and change the mouse over title, then modify the css to the phone icon.. Now it does it all in a few simple clicks! Thank you!

  • Reply

    ho un problema con WPML: negli articoli in evidenza nella home page sono scompare le descrizioni degli articoli e rimangono le caratteristiche come di un solo articolo.

  • Reply

    Ciao Nicolas,
    complimenti per il lavoro che fai, è veramente ottimo ed efficace.
    Ho un problema, improvvisamente, dopo aver eliminato alcuni plugin (page builder di site origin e ultimate shortcode) non funziona più lo slider della home, ho provato a cancellare e rifare lo slider ma niente, sembra che prenda solo una foto e basta.
    Ti sarei grato se mi potessi dire come fare per risolvere il problema.
    Complimenti ancora per il lavoro.

    • Reply
      Rocco Aliberti

      Hi Alfonso,
      this looks like a conflicting plugin.
      Did you try disabling your plugins and see if it still occurs?
      Re-enabling them one by one would help you to find the conflicting one.

      Best regards,

  • Reply

    Hi! First off gotta say I really love the Customizr theme. Can’t believe how user-friendly it is.
    Onto my small issue, in the latest update, the navigation menu floats on the top of the header. Is there a way I can make it attach itself to the bottom of it? Before this update, I used a workaround where I had the slogan enabled but with nothing in the field, which forced the menu to the bottom. But now I see that enabling the slogan requires text in the field, which disables the effect.

  • Reply

    My social media icons are all doubled: 2 Facebook icons, 2 Twitter, etc.
    If I create new one that wasn’t already there, it’s fine.
    If I delete one (let’s say Twitter) and then recreate it afterwards, still two icons appear.

    I assume it has to do with the “move” of the old icons to their new place.

  • Reply
    Afrane Okese

    Thanks, the site is up now.

    Again, Nicholas, the two buttons on the tag line are no more showing after the update. Any help?


  • Reply
    Giovanna Lester

    Hello, Nicholas and Thank You. Could you tell me if there is a Chrome compatibility issue? I am experiencing all that our colleagues above reported, plus I got double icons when I first used the social links interface. Now, they do not appear at all. Very strange.


    • Reply
      Rocco Aliberti

      Hi Giovanna,
      we cannot see a Chrome compatibility issue regarding the social links.
      PHP fatal error (for pretty old PHP versions Customize -> Advanced Options -> Front-end Icons (Font Awesome) -> Load Font Awesome resources is actually checked? It must be to have the font awesome icons loaded
      2) If you use any server side caching system (plugin, cloud, hosting default), please make sure you purged the cache?


  • Reply

    I had a Problem with the Customizr Update v3.5.0, with a Note like:

    “PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in …/wp-content/themes/customizr/inc/czr-init.php on line 441”

    On WordPress-Support-Site I found a solution for my Problem:

    But with /* … */ I just commented out a function in this PHP-File.

    When we would get an update for this Problem? 🙂

    Best regards.

    • Reply

      Thanks for reporting the problem.
      This occured with server with a version of php < 5.5. This is fixed now in v3.5.1 of Customizr free and version 1.3.1 of Customizr Pro. Cheers,

  • Reply

    After the update to the latest version, I’ve got an error:

    Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /wp-content/themes/customizr/inc/czr-init.php on line 441

    Please, help

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