What’s new in Customizr v3.3.13 ? 6

The v3.3.13 is safe for child theme users. We’ve made many minor fixes and improvements in the code (see the changelog below).

In terms of design, the theme now comes with a new screenshot and a new default slider, which I think reflects more the responsiveness and the web design of the Customizr theme today.



A new screenshot for the Customizr theme



Customizr theme screenshot


Changelog for v3.3.13

  • fixed : potential ‘division by zero’ issue with the grid layout if users applies a custom layout Initially reported here : https://wordpress.org/support/topic/division-by-zero-5
  • fixed : tc_set_grid_hooks are fired in ‘wp_head’ => ‘wp’ was too early
  • fixed : CenterImages js avoid using ir8 ‘class’ reserved words
  • fixed : social icon unwanted underline text-decoration on hover
  • fixed : firefox and old browsers compatibility issue with the .tc-grid-fade_expt background
  • updated : screenshot and demo slide#1
  • updated : navbar not boxed by default anymore for users starting with v3.3.13
  • added : customizer previewer filter for custom skins
  • added : Galician Spanish translation. Thanks to <a href=”http://rubenas.com”>Ruben</a>
  • added : custom skins customizer preview hack
  • added : custom skins grunt code
  • added : tc_carousel_inner_classes with .center-slides-enabled when option is checked by user
  • added : user can set a custom logo alt attr with the filter ‘tc_logo_alt’
  • added : a use_default boolean param to TC_utils::tc_opt()
  • added : user can specify a custom meta date format with filter ‘tc_meta_date_format’
  • added : new filter ‘tc_title_text’ for easier and safer pre processing before tc_the_title => avoid filter priority potential issues
  • added : new option to set the max length of post titles (in # of words) in grid
  • added : cta button in customizer footer section
  • improved : various js code improvement for scrolling actions
  • improved : allow user to use their custom date format (defined in settings > general) for post metas date
  • improved : menu caret alignment
  • improved : translated few strings in Italian thanks to https://github.com/giorgioriccardi
  • improved : slider php class better code structure
  • improved : js smoothscroll disabled if #anchor element doesn’t exist.
  • improved : jqueryextLinks : if link not eligible, then remove any remaining icon element and return //important => the element to remove is right after the current link element ( => use of ‘+’ CSS operator )
  • Gijsbert Vandeweerdt

    Hello Nicolas,

    I discovered a compatibility issue with customizr and some other plugins. I explained the issue here:

    I’d like to have this solved quickly. I already purchased your ‘featured pages unlimited’ plugin. Does this get solved quicker when I buy your customizr pro?

    Thank you

    • Hi Gisbert !
      Could you open a new topic about this compatibility issue in the relevant pro support forum ?
      This is where the support team collects and does its best to fix all issues for pro users.
      Thanks !

  • Hi, the front page slider disappeared after the update. I had a feature images slider set up.

    • Hi Claudia !
      Would you mind reporting this issue in the Customizr support forum ? This is where we try to collect all bug reports and support requests!
      Thanks 🙂

  • Awesome 😀

  • When are you going to post the release notes for version 3.3.20? I’ve been waiting to update but still no release notes have been posted here.