I am preparing a showcase of Customizr based websites! It aims to show what can be done with the theme and help other users to find inspiration.

Submitting a site for review is quick and easy to do  :  just click on the top page submit button and I would be glad to review and feature your site!

  • I’m still working on the website. But I love it and I find it amazing what you did and do.

    Thanks for all the you tube information and explanations. Sometimes it is too fast for me. I hope I can create what I want with the Customizr.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hello,
    Are you still accepting submissions?
    Don’t see a submit button anywhere.

  • wikifinancepedia

    Hi, I am unable to view the submit button in the website.

    I would like to showcase my website http://wikifinancepedia.com

    Our team has added few customization on top of the theme, I hope you would be interested in looking and showcasing it.