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    Hi Nicolas, first of all, thank you for the great theme! I have been playing with Customizr for some time, but have got confronted with the following problem: The items on the webpage (DIVs) are moving whenever I resize the browser window. I went through a lot of forums and tried many things, but nothing works. Please help! It might be very helpful to have a kind of a snippet or simple solution that is put out on this website for everybody since this problem arises for every newbie.

    I am sorry if this is not the right place for posting it.

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      Nicolas Post author

      Hi Andrew, the smooth moves that you see on resize are caused by a CSS3 property : transition: width, …, -moz-transition: width ….
      Easy to disable with the value none.
      Hope this helps,

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        Nicolas, I tried to put ” -moz-transition:none;” into #wrapper { } in the beginning, also into the #customizr-slider.carousel .item {}, and so on. The only part of the website that does not move on resizing the window (and everything else does move) is the manu bar, but it eventually disappears when the window size becomes too small.. I am confused — if I want the property “-moz-transition:none;” to be attributed to every item on the website, how can I do so? (I thought the #wrapper in the very benning would help) Thank you a lot!

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    q bone

    Hi, great theme use!

    is it also possible to display logo left and blogname to the right beside? instead of logo above blogname.


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    I tried to place this code into the child theme’s functions.php file, but all this does is make the code show up at the top of my page.

    Any advice? (i am new to web design/development)

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    Marianne Munro

    Is it possible to put a logo (or small picture) in the upper right corner of the front page and leave the Site Title where it is on the left? If so, what code would I use in the custom css to do this?

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    Thank you for this wonderful theme.
    I would like to make the logo in the rectangle with description, social feed… Is it possible ?

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    Adam Peter

    Hi Nicholas, I have installed child theme, but do not have fuctions.php, only style.css. Where should I copy-paste the code? Thanks.

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    Shawn Rundblade

    I am curious the the suggested/best way to replace the text in my logo, with just the graphic and make the text separate text so Google can see it. Suggestions?

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    I would like to use this custom code to display both a logo and a title in the header of my blog. I am using the Karma theme on my web site. These are the steps I have taken:

    1) Installed a child theme (www.presscustomizr.com/extension/customizr-child-theme/)
    2) Installed wp-FileManager (http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-filemanager/)
    3) Configured wp-FileManager to allow all options (Create file, Create folder, etc)

    At this point I do not know where to create the functions.php file with your custom code. I am new at WordPress so any help that you can give me would be appreciated!

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      Nicolas Post author

      Hi William, this code snippet is specific to the Customizr theme and won’t work in another theme.
      You might want to ask the developer of the Karma theme if he can provide the appropriate code.

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    Pat Harmony

    Hi my website with Customizr is in process. I am loving this theme big time. As a non website designer new to wordpress I simply cannot fine where to put the php functions code for some of the snippits. It would be helpful to have a drilldown of steps…ie go to Dashboard, next step, next step. I am sure it is right under my nose but I cannot find it. I want to play with things like centering my logo, etc. Thanks a bunch!

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    Hi admin,

    When i upload a logo on the site via theme admin panel, it is showing both title as well as logo but I just wanted to show logo, not title. I also checkout the header.php file but no related function i have seen there.

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    Miryam KEBE

    Hi ,

    I have a problem, After the update I wanted to test and not a logo, it loads but instead I see the title of the site, and equally impossible to restore the old logo = /

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      Nicolas Post author

      Hi Miryam,

      A user recently had the same issue. He was using a not up-to-date version of the JetPack WordPress plugin. After updating the plugin, he was able to upload and display his logo again without any problems.

      If you are in the same situation, please try this solution. If not, then you might want to desactivate all your plugins and see if the problem persists.

      If you identify a plugin in conflict with theme, may I ask to report it back here?

      Thanks and I hope this will help!
      (nice website by the way, many interesting informations)

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    Mike Maassen


    I am using your theme as of today, and I’m loving it so far!
    I’ve been using your piece of code shown above to show both the site title and the icon.

    What i would like to do, is have both the icon and site title visible on my webpage. I just don’t want them on top of each other.
    Is it possible to align them horizontally instead of vertically?

    Thank you!

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