• Hi Nicholas, great template.
    I am new to designing and I am having the hardest time trying to remove the page headers in the body of the page. Like on my home page, above my content is has “Home” and I would like that to be removed
    Can you point me in the proper direction

  • Hi Nicolas,
    Thank you so much for your theme, it is brillant! You made wordpress accessible for a beginner like me.
    I installed polylang today and I have a question regarding language switcher: Would it be possible to add a button or just text like FR or ENG for language switch with social icons on header?
    As well, I would like to know if there is a way to align texts, menus and pictures automatically.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Pantxika, thanks for this nice comment!
      You might find answers to those questions in the Customizr code snippets.
      Use the search field or the taxinomies to navigate into the snippets.
      Best regards

  • clara

    Hi Nicolas,
    I write you because I would like to replace social icons in the navbar with the languages flags; this is not difficult to do, but I wish that the links to languages be open in the same window (links with target _self), not in another one (instead now social links have target _blank). How do I have to do to change this? I suppose that I have to do some changes in function.php file but I can’t understand where… Can you help me, please?
    Thank in advance for your help and your great job,

    • Hi Clara, to change the target of socials links, there’s a filter named “tc_socials_target”.

      You can use it this way :

      Just copy this code anywhere (after the php opening tag ) in your functions.php and your done.

      • Marc05

        Is there a way to apply this change to a specific social icon only?

        • Hi Marc05,
          There’s currently no way to do this via php (I will add a new filter in the next version) but you can easily find a work around with javascript, it will look like the following code :

          Just replace icon-twitter by icon-… with the name of your social network.

          Hope this helps!

  • clara

    Great Sir!
    It works perfectly, thank you very much for your quick help!
    You are a generous theme author.
    Best regards,

  • Me gusta mucho customizer porque no soy una experta y esta plantilla da un aspecto original limpio y ademas es facil de personalizar. Solo me falta una cosa y es la posibilidad del submenu…existe algun pluging paraa ello ?. Estoy trasladando otro blog a wordpress.org para poder usar igualmente customizer. gracias .

    • Hi Amelia,
      Can you please write your comment in English ? Thanks and I look forward to reading from you.

  • Hi, Nicolas,
    I’m not searching your theme since my is 13 and I did not upgrade it yet.
    I was able to install Polylang plugin and setup multilingual website just thanks your very simple explanation. Thank you for that.
    My only problem is that I can not get flags for translated menu, only default menu has flags. Translated menu has instead icons just words.
    It will be greatly appreciated any help in this matter.