Hueman v3.2.8 : minor update no visible changes 21

This is a minor update with only a tiny code modification to comply with the best code practices.

Safe for child theme users.



  • fixed : use WordPress core method the_widget() to render the optional default widgets
  • improved : set avatar size to 48px by default, like the stylesheet.apply_filters(‘hu_avatar_size’, 48 )
  • A lot of thanks for all the updates 🙂

    • Menaka S

      Glad that you like it.
      -On behalf of Nicolas and his team.

    • presscustomizr

      You’re welcome. Glad you like it!

  • Barhe

    You update so fast, you should not have a girlfriend.

    • presscustomizr

      ah ah ah 🙂

  • Hueman is the best, best theme. Ever.

    • presscustomizr

      🙂 Thanks for your comment

      • Thanks You for the themes, the updates and the great work!

  • Peppe

    Hello Nicolas, I use the issue for over a year and it’s great. Thanks to the development.

    To add, in future releases, a counter of visits and pages of articles. It would look good at the top below the title.

    Best regards

  • Thank you nicholas!..

    • presscustomizr


  • Wit Créations

    Hi Nicolas,

    It’s a great theme, but it is possible to have in the next update the possibylity to change the number of Related Post in the customizer ? (in default it’s 3 related post, but I would like have 5 or 6, so I need to change that directly in the code)

    I have made some optional sidebar but I can’t used them very well. For example on this page : I had did a Left Sidebar for only this page called “Sidebar Boutique”. If on my store page “Boutique” I select “Sidebar Boutique” in the Primary Sidebar, I have not just the “Sidebar Boutique” but the “Primary sidebar” too :(. Actually I use only the “Primary sidebar”

    Thanks very much, I really like this theme 🙂

    • Menaka S

      Is it recent posts or featured posts that you are mentioning? The numbers for both can be changed in the customiser panel.

      • Wit Créations

        No, it’s about the related posts, but Nicolas had answered me 🙂

    • presscustomizr

      Thank you for this feedback.
      The related posts will be turned into a more flexible block in the near future, and optionally a slider.

      Widgets in sidebar : a major update in Hueman addons is on the way. It will allow more contextualized customizations for widgets.


      • Wit Créations

        Great I enjoy for the futur update 😀

  • fpochiangrai

    Thank you for your continued development.

    • presscustomizr

      You’re welcome 🙂

  • Hey!
    For some reason all the customization are reverted to default after updating to the latest version. Can you please check?

    • Menaka S

      Hi Ujjwal,
      Did you do customization in child theme?

      • Hi Menaka
        It was minor color customization so I did it directly to the theme. But it is resolved now. I have updated the support thread.