Hueman v3.1.6 release note 33

Safe for child theme users. Just a couple of minor bugs fixed.


Changelog in verion 3.1.6 May 31th 2016

  • fixed : publication date not showing up on single post
  • fixed : Parse error in the customizer when PHP version < 5.3
  • removed : completed translations on : French and Italian


  • SingingTurnip

    When will this show as only 3.1.5 is the only one I have been able to update to.

  • Greg Silva

    Thank you for doing all these updates, Nicolas.

    • presscustomizr

      you’re welcome, glad to have happy users!

  • Really good theme. I started using one month ago and it’s very well developed. Thanks Nicolas.

    • Menaka S

      Thanks 🙂

  • Menaka S

    Please post at the support forum for any issues.

    • AZBros

      Hi Menaka,
      Yes, I’ve already done that. Just wanted to make sure the bug was reported to Nicolas directly so he can look into it. Thanks!

  • Menaka S

    Please post at the support forum for any issues.

  • Awesome theme with lots of features.. thank you 🙂 <3

    • presscustomizr

      thanks !

  • iKapoy

    I need this in theme option “Show feature image on single post”

  • LTyla

    Hi, really appreciate the work being put into the theme, but i have one small bug, when i updated to this version.
    I have a child theme extended from yours and i saw that i needed to change one line in footer.php, but this did not fix the problem:
    No matter if footer logo is set in customization or not, it still generates “/wp-content/uploadshttp://footer-logo” as the url for the logo. (start of the actual (host) url truncated) Do you know what the problem might be with?

  • jean-luc/cajl

    Why “removed : completed translations on : French and Italian” ?

    How add a social Link : Periscope and email contact ?

    • presscustomizr

      Hello Jean-Luc,
      the French and Italian translations are 100% completed on, that’s why they don’t need to be embedded in the theme files anymore.

      All the available social links are in the list in Global Settings > Social Links. If you need one not in the list, you’ll need to add your custom code to the theme.

      Cheers !

      • jean-luc/cajl

        How add the custom to the theme

  • vlysergin

    When will be official SPANISH translation ?

  • Hi,
    @AzBros, when you look at the source code of your home page, have the URL for the RSS feed?
    I just watched the theme demo here
    and nothing to the RSS feed for the site but good comments

    thank you

    • I’m not sure what you’re asking or telling me. Sorry about that.

      • Hi,

        on your home page, right click of the mouse, and then “page source code” and then searched for “application/rss + xml”
        you will see the line for the RSS feed for your site, you’ll see that there’s no url.

        I do not see how visitors can follow the update of the site without without this link,.

        • Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I wasn’t aware this was not set up by default. Is this an issue with the Hueman theme specifically or something I need to change on my own?

          • Hi,

            I have the same problem, for me it comes of the Hueman theme.

            • There’s a way to add it manually in the Customizer. I added a Feedburner link.

            • Hi,
              Why Feedburner ?

  • Denis Martynkin

    Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for Hueman – great WordPress theme, which I love A LOT.

    • Menaka S

      Glad that you like it. 🙂
      -On behalf of Nicolas and his team.

  • Martin

    I am missing the possibility to change in the theme settings the text for the two sidebars (FOLLOW & MORE). It’s just sad that I have to create a child theme just for changing these texts. I love Hueman,but for long time I am missing just this little feature… Thank you for your consideration!

  • Prostate Belt Twohelp Mississi

    I am have a problem with the Hueman appearance theme button. It does not have one of the capabilities on the dashboard under Appearance. call me if you can 5044277114. my site is

  • An Nguyen

    In Hueman Theme, Do we have any filters to customize sections, controls in admin page ?

    Be grateful for all that you have done to help us. Thanks!