Hueman v3.1.5 release note 12

What’s new ?

In version 3.1.5, you can now choose an image background instead of a color for the body of your website.

This new option is located in the Customizer > Global Settings > General Design Options.



Changelog for 3.1.5 May 30th 2016

  • fixed : Use get_option date_format for all dates
  • added : background image option
  • added : social links partial refresh in the customizer
  • updated : screenshot to 1200x900px


  • Hi,

    I just did the update, my Header image disappeared
    header.php modified ?
    Thank you

  • Hi,

    problem solved, I picked up the code in the header.php file in my child theme, yet I had kept him updated.
    but the url of the image gave
    thank you

  • Muhammad Yudha

    i’m using child theme, after update, logo at header and widget at header gone..

  • Mohammad Shahebaz

    Loved your theme 🙂

  • entadaplace

    Love your theme, check it here

    • presscustomizr


  • Claudio Carvajal Z.

    Same here. Using a chid theme and after the update, footer logo is gone (I have no header logo or header widget). Great theme Nicolas.

  • my situation is the same. header image is gone on the single post pages.. i’ve been using child theme for my own modifications..

    Edit: SOLVED

    changed the line 64 in the header.php in my child theme like this
    replaced hu_get_img_src(‘header-image’); function with hu_get_img_src_from_option(‘header-image’);

    • presscustomizr

      Thanks for the update !

  • Claudio Carvajal Z.

    Solved! It’s a function that change the name in the footer.

  • Jean-Pierre Leac

    Hello. Beautiful theme. I’m using a child theme. After upgrade to 3.1.5, the post date has disappeared (the update date is still there though).
    Anyone has the same issue ?