Get ready for version 3.0.14 25

The next release of the Customizr is currently in the review process. This is a safe release for child theme users with no changes in terms of templates structure.

New Languages and RTL support

  • Arabic thanks to Ramez Bdiwi
  • Romanian thanks to Andrei Gheorghiu
  • RTL Support ; thanks to Ramez Bdiwi


New customizer option

You can now select the length (excerpt of full length) of the article in every list of posts , including the home page.


More Twitter Bootstrap components

Some components were not included in the theme like : alerts, thumbnails, labels-badges, progress-bars, accordion, scrollspy. Now Customizr includes all CSS and JS Twitter Bootstrap components.

Note : the scrollspy script has been upgraded to the very last version of Bootstrap.


New hooks

I am continuously adding hooks to the Customizr hooks API.

  • filter for Image sizes : allowing a total control on every sizes of the theme
  • filter featured page text
  • filters for slider : text, title and button text lenght are now filtered
  • markup filters : allowing a better control of classes for body, header, main-wrapper, and footer
  • filter logo : you can now define your own max dimensions with a filter
  • 2 new actions in index.php before and after article tag.
  • Action inside the body tag to add some custom attributes if needed (can be useful with Bootstrap scrollspy for example)
  • 2 actions before and after the logo/title rendering


Support for editor_style

This WordPress feature is just great and I don’t know why it took me so long to include it in the theme! It includes the choosen skin and style.css stylesheets in the post/page editor frame. This way, you can now see how the post/page will really look like (with your skin colors and even your css customizations) in your editor. Isn’t that cool? 😉


More secure

I have removed from admin all the embedded frames (like Twitter buttons, Google+ or Youtube videos) that could potentially be used by malicious people.


I hope you’ll like this version and look forward to read your feedbacks.

Enjoy the theme.


PS : please find below the complete changelog:


  • I’m really looking forward to it!
    I’m investing several hours learning about this great theme, I’m very excited to see the new improvements.

    Thanks for this outstanding job.
    Giorgio R.

    • Thanks for this comment Giorgio. Stay connected!

  • Brendan Greene


    First off – kudos on the theme – it really is a stunning piece of work!!!

    Did a sneaky and copied down the .14 style sheet – found it from the current site which is using it – and low and behold all the alert boxes and progress bars sprung to life. Thought I was going to have to go and get original bootstrap and incorporate it as bespoke styles – but not now.

    Many thanks for this.

    • Thanks for this feedback Brendan!
      Enjoy the theme

  • Will Jeeoks

    your update is not working. Here is the error I received

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function tc__f() in /home/a9369190/public_html/wp-content/themes/customizr/index.php on line 11

    I lost my site and can not undo it nor loggin to WordPress. So I had to reload the entire the WordPress files minus the Customizr theme. I don’t trust it.

    Thanks anyway. Please let me know if you resolved this matter.

    • Hi Will, it looks like a missing a file in your theme.
      You might want to try to re-upload the theme via admin or FTP to fix this out.

      Hope this will help

  • Michael Jefferson

    After upgrading from 3.0.13 to 3.0.14 the center snippet no longer works, any ideas?

    // center the logo by switching TBs classes on brand div:
    add_filter(‘tc_logo_title_display’, ‘custom_center_brand’);
    function custom_center_brand($output) {
    return preg_replace(‘/span3/’, ‘span10 offset1’, $output);

  • Markus

    @Nikeo, the editor style view support is fantastic! It’s a great update.

    I have 2 questions. Is there a tutorial — perhaps with a simple example — how to use filters and hooks. I know that this Theme is powerful to be extensively customized. However, step-by-step tutorial would help immensely. But maybe there are tutorials already and I missed them.

    Also, it would be great to have a tutorial on using Bootstrap components. I would love to “unleash” the power of Boostrap UI… 😉

    BTW, the documentation for Customizr is already way above any average Theme that I have seen. However, a couple of simple step-by-step tutorials, on the topics I mentioned above would be awesome to have.


    • Hi Markus and thanks for this feedback.
      About the hooks, I have this tutorial in mind and in my to do list since a while and I am definitely going to post something.
      About Bootstrap components : it is also scheduled to post more informations on how to use them.
      Thanks and enjoy the theme!

  • Hello Nicolas!

    Very nice theme and good effects, surprisingly I like the lots of customizing options. 😉
    And it works pretty well as a multilingual website, so I love it.
    The only thing I want but can’t customize is the number of featured pages. I have successfully modified the class-content-featured_pages.php to have more featured page areas, but I can’t change their default content on the Customiz’it! page.
    You wrote in the WordPress Support that this feature will be in the next update. If so, I’m really looking forward to it. But until then, do you have any idea, how can I solve this problem temporarily?


    • Hi Kosina and thanks for this comment.
      This is coming soon!

  • Enjoy so great and cool theme, and thanks the dev.

    How can I let wordpress plugin “WP-PageNavi” also works on this theme.
    Is there an easy page navigate plugin you can recommend ?


  • Typo

    Hi Nicolas,

    Thanks for this great theme! Will you be migrating this theme to Bootstrap 3 in the future?

    • Yes this is a future scheduled evolution of the theme.

  • Hey Nic, is there a way to make the menus drop down on mouse hover?

  • Rúben


    Can you tell me how to enable/disable fancybox?


    • Hi, You can disable it in the customizer, under images settings.
      Enjoy the theme!

      • Rúben

        Thank you Nicolas.

        Is it possible to activate it to galleries too?

        • Once unchecked, it is disabled for everything in Customizr

  • Joel

    Hello, It is possible to reduce css to 60Ks max? Very slow for iPad or Android

    • Hi, when minified the stylesheets weights ~140 K, which is I agree still too much.
      You can manually disable some parts of the code to make it lighter. I will have to find some better solutions to this in a future release anyway.