Featured Pages Unlimited v1.5 just released : now compatible with any WordPress theme! 6

I am really happy to present the brand new UI and some integration examples!

More here

  • Udo Daun

    Hallo Nicolas,
    I purchased ver. 1.13 view month ago. Today I found on your web that Version 1.15 is released. If I go to “More here” it guides me to the “featured page…” page. There it shows “Current Version” 1.13. on my plugin page it also Shows ver.1.13, and no update available in the plugin section of my web site. If I go to “my account” site and download the tc-unlimited-featured-pages.zip and uploaded the files to the Server, no Change. What I am doing wrong. regards, Udo

    • Hi Udo, please open a new forum thread in the extension forum about this.
      This is not the right place to get support.
      Best regards and I look forward to reading from you.

      • sebax

        I installed the plugin yesterday but the version is 1.16 not 1.5, why? Another question, I can create pages featured on other pages besides the home page?


        • Hi Sebastiano,
          In versionning, 1.16 is greater than 1.5, that’s why!
          (more here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_versioning)

          As of now, the plugin is designed to add featured pages only on home. I am currently working on a major update that will allow to use it on any context. This will be available in the coming days.
          Best and enjoy the extension!

          • Was the feature added yet? I am hoping to implement the featured pages on other pages besides the homepage in the next site I build.

            • Hi Stephanie,
              This feature is currently under development and will be ready in a few weeks. Before it’s ready for prime time, you might want to check those featured pages snippets to manually add them in other pages than home.
              By the way, I found your webdesign on http://international.lancastermennonite.org very good, and I have included it to the theme showcase. Just tell me if you don’t want it included and I’ll remove it of course.