• s r

    Hi, first thank you for the great theme. Bu now i ve got a littele problem with it, icant find anywhere in the forum:
    i want to display on every page another header (picture). Like this for example: http://www.presscustomizr.com/checkout/purchase-confirmation/
    Thanx for your help, stef

    • Hi, this is done with a plugin that will be available soon in the extensions.
      You can easily code something with the heading filters (check in class-content-headings.php)

      Best regards.

  • Sally Farmer

    I am having some problems with all page links which i was hoping purchase of featured page sunlimited would solve. At crowdraisers.co.uk they all resolve to 404 errors even the ones featured to links from posts in the slider show. All the pages already exist and you would thyink that the excerpt from the slide show post or video would resolve to the respective post or page because you can pick the post or page when you are setting the slide,and same setting the featured pages but no – none of it works, spent since may1st going round and round in circles. would appreciate any advice that will make it work

    • Hi Sally!
      I don’t really understand your issue? I just checked your website and it worked fine.

  • Sally Farmer

    I started to delete some plugins that I had introduced which returned some links. Do you have any ideas about how to put a login registration front end in the header under the title at the left? Grateful thanks Sally