Following a request on the user forum, just a quick note to state that the Customizr WordPress theme (v3.1.23) is fully compatible with the last version of Woocommerce :  WooCommerce v2.2.2.


Check the Woocommerce demo with Customizr.

  • siobhan dempsey

    Hi Nikeo, Can you help? My menu tabs are gone instead I have a red icon with lines which substitutes the navigation bar. When I click this the menu shows down the side of the website. Originally the nav tabs were on the top of the page and I’d like them back. Any ideas? thanks

  • Szilvia


    I have Customizr theme and I don’t have programming knowledge 🙂
    I have installed WooCommerce plugin to my site but the shop page is not as expected and the same is for product pages. There’s a bulleted list of items only on the starting page (not like the look of demo page indicated in this site for example) and product pages seem like a blog post.
    I have switched off all plugins to check whether any of those may implicate the issue, but the situation was exactly the same. I have the most recent versions of both ones (theme and plugin). May I ask for your help in resolving the situation as i would like to open the shop in the very near future?
    Thank you very much for your help in advance!

    • Hi Szilvia,
      You’ll want to open a new topic in the support forum about this. Our team tries to handle all bug reports and support requests in the forum, so that it can benefit to everyone.
      Thanks 🙂 !

  • How did you make your shop page full width/no side bars? I tried editing the Shop page in the pages editor of wordpress but I cannot seem to get the pesky left bar to go away:

  • Emma Cooper

    Hi, I am using WooCommerce with Customizr theme and I would like to have 15 products shown on each page. At the moment it is only showing 4 … any ideas please? Many thanks Emma –

  • Gernot Glasmacher

    Dear Nicolas,

    on my page and on your demo page under
    the variation “Color” is in a white font. It´s difficult to read. How can i change the color?

    Best regards Gernot

  • presscustomizr
  • presscustomizr

    please report this issue in the support forum :

  • Michelle Schwelling

    Hi, I’m using WooCommerce with Customzr. I added the product short description to the Shop Page using:
    add_action(‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title’,’woocommerce_template_single_excerpt’, 5);
    but now I need to change the font color of the product description text on the shop page and cannot figure out how to do so. I would be grateful for any css help!