The version 3.2.16 and v3.2.17 of the Customizr WordPress theme fixes minor bugs related to the recent new features ( dropcaps, external links), and improve the sticky header behaviour.

Changelog : 

  • Change : external links icon and new tab (target = _blank) are disabled by default
  • Fix drop cap feature : html tags are not striped out anymore. Instead, the dropcap plugin search the first
  • Addition : front javascript underscore.js dependency ~+5.5kb
  • Fix: handle boolean types in default options
  • Improvement: handle .tc-no-title-logo in css (instead of js), when sticky header is enabled
  • Fix: force hiding tc-reset-margin-top when no sticky header (css way)
  • Hi Nicolas, I love the Customizr theme and it’s been a great find for my Institute. I do have two question.

    1. A couple of upgrades ago the boxes that show up within the “Customise” area are no longer visible. Have you heard of this problem?

    2. Also, I cannot seem to update to the latest version as it makes a plugin I use to display mp3 files not work…it makes the user interface on the front facing part of the site disappear.

    Thanks for any help given in advance.


    • Hi ! Thanks for your nice comment 🙂

      1) this is usually due to plugin conflicts
      2) would you mind reporting this in the theme forum, we’ll try to help you !