• The nav guide is very helpful. I wanted to change the background where the tagline is located but cannot find it in the nav guide. What is the class name for this area.

  • Ra-El Bey


    How would I go about adding a live cart navigation to the header?

    For better understanding:
    Someone buys product A
    There’s a cart menu in the header that displays the quantity of items they’ve added to the cart by showing a number beside it
    And its more to the right, away from the menu

    Hope you understand what I mean…

  • Hello,

    I would loke to know how it is possible to change the responsive navbar limit from 979/980 to 1024/1025.

    I’ve tried to change the media queries in my child theme, but it’s a mess!

    is there a simple way to do that? I think it’s an important issue for Ipad users (landscape : 1024px) : I want to have my navbar with dropdowns on hover for screens > 1024, and Ipad users in that case wouldn’t be able to use the menu…

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Charlyox, with the current version of Customizr, this will require many css modifications since the theme uses the Twitter Bootstrap framework which has this behaviour (changes navbar at 979px wide).

  • I am looking to create my own slider, but it does not allow me to. Is there something that I am missing. I did click on the create slider link. It allows me to check the pics I want to use,but does not give me the option(or I might be missing where to look) to create one.

    Thanks for your help on this!


    • Hi Sherry,
      You may want to read this quick guide on how to create a slider in the Customizr theme.
      Hope this will help!

      • Thanks so much! It did. My newest problem is that the menu navigation does not appear on my website. I went through the channels to do so, but to no avail. I know that you have to assign a home page, but it does not appear in the (pages) menu. I want to use the front page with the sliders and the home page. Please help!

  • Mi added a menu name, assigned pages, but does not show up on my front page. I am not seeing where my front page is showing up to assign as a home page. Please help.

    • Hi, Any update on this?

  • I updated my Customizr theme and now some of my child theme settings for the navbar aren’t working. I need the navbar menu items to be white (remove the gray overlay) and make the navbar full width so it doesn’t wrap. Can you take a look? http://www.senecaacademy.org

    • Actually, I figured out the font color, but I’d like to know how to vertically center the menu items and make the menu wider or full width? http://www.SenecaAcademy.org. Thanks.