Best web designs based on the Customizr WordPress theme of May 2014 7

Since the last showcase update in January, 21 new websites have been admitted  in the Customizr showcase out of 146 submissions from 46 countries.

The submitted websites are more and more creatives and it’s sometimes even hard to recognize the initial design of Customizr out of the box!

I am really happy to see that after nearly one year since its inception, Customizr has now become a complete developement framework.

I am also pleased that the Featured Pages Unlimited plugin is beautifully used by growing number of webdesigners.

The showcase’s page have also been re-designed  with a dynamic grid layout using the Masonry library and some awesome CSS3 scrol effects. Check-out the new showcase version here.


Here’s a selection of the best web designs based on the Customizr WordPress theme for May 2014.

Congratulations to their authors!


Notice: You been created an awesome website based on the Customizr WordPress Theme? Then submit it here, I would be pleased to feature your work!

  • Fransoise Louis-Jacques

    Allo Nicolas,

    je ne suis pas un developer ou un web designer, j’ai trouve votre Theme “Customizr” sur le site de WordPress, je l’aime bien mais je n’arrive pas a trouver un tech pour me l’installer et l’adapter a mon projet, et c’est bien domage je voulais creer un site de rencontre pour encourager les celibataires d’age avance’, a trouver une relation amoureuse…Auriez vous un theme deja pret a me recomander,

    Merci.bien … felicitation pour le Customizr!
    WPB, Florida

  • Al

    Hello Nicolas,

    I just started working with your Customizr theme and I was wondering if there’s a way to change the height of the slider. Thanks for your help, it’s a great theme.

  • I have a website which is somewhat outdated (See URL above).

    I just saw this website
    which uses your template and it is what I would like for our new website.

    Do you know who would be able to help with our website, using that template or similar one? I am not proficient in designing website, although it looks rather very easy.

    What is the cost of assembling our information into a website.
    I wrote the information about our law firm for our website, but someone else designed the site.

    What do you suggest?

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Ernesto, can you please contact me with this form and send me as much detail as possible about what you need for your website?
      Best regards,

  • As you may have noticed I created three “pages” within my website “wealth and lifestyle” “personal development” and “wellness”

    I would like to be able to create a new post and have it go under one of those pages so when you click on the wellness button you will see all wellness related posts.

    Are you familiar with how to do something like this?