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About Rocco Aliberti

I (d4z_c0nf) used WordPress in early 2012 to help a friend to customize a theme for an on-line newspaper. I "met" Customizr for the first time in February 2014. I think that Customizr is not just a theme, but a real framework, and that if you do not let yourself be frightened by a few lines of code you can get almost anything you want using the large amount of hooks that Customizr provides. ... I'm the (proud) creator of the Childify Me plugin

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Make a Customizr slider display recent posts

Updated April 2015: This snippet now works only with Customizr > 3.3.14 and Customizr-Pro > 1.1.0 In this […]

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Html entities and shortcodes in Featured Pages

Updated : Now compatible with Featured Pages Unlimited and Customizr-Pro Customizr by default doesn’t allow you to have […]