3 handy snippets in February


Changing the social link’s titles displayed on mouse hover
Adding a fourth footer widget areaMust see!
Change Featured Pages Zoom Effect to Square


  • Alex

    Hi Nicolas,

    I purchased your theme after the I tried the free version which is fantastic !
    but I am getting this error when I upload to my WP:”The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.Theme install failed.”
    I dont see any direction on your site where to to add the key code…ect.

    Please advise this site is going to be for a very good cause and I will certainly give you a credit for it !

  • I am not sure if this should post here. i am trying to convert to Customizer from another WP theme, but my logo won’t work. It is a banner logo that runs the full page width in the header bar (see my website) with the navigation bar below. I have searched your FAQ;s and find no answer to make this work. Can it be done?

    • Hi Phil, this can be done with some coding in a child theme. If you get familiar with Customizr hooks, you’ll do that easily.
      Best and enjoy the theme

  • Your them is fantastic especially the paid version ! thanks for your help Nicolas 🙂

  • Keiji

    Hi, I’m wondering how to display the “Leave a Comment” on the index.php, at this moment, it is available only on the single post/page.
    When the author does not use the excerpt, the visitor can see all the post without clicking the title and never see the “Leave a Comment”.

    • Hi Keiji, that’s a good point, I will work on an improvement for this comment issue.
      Most probably in the next release of the theme. (in the coming days)

  • Hi Nicolas,

    I don’t know where else to send this, so my apologies if this isn’t the appropriate place. Anyway, I love the theme but have a question — on the front page, I’d love to include some of the latest posts but just a couple. Is there a place I can limit the number that show on the front page but leave the pagination the same for the blog page?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Nick, you need to change the posts_per_page parameter of the query only on front page.
      To do so, you can alter the query with the pre_get_posts hook.
      More about this here : http://www.presscustomizr.com/snippet/three-techniques-to-alter-the-query-in-wordpress/

      Hope this helps and enjoy the theme

      • Nick Simonton

        Thank you. Now, another question — how do I get this to happen, while keeping the homepage (with slider, etc.) and having my blog posts appear on the /blog page?

        • In this case, you need to add parameters to your query in the pre_get_posts action.
          Check out the example here, this is pretty easy to do : http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API/Action_Reference/pre_get_posts

          • Nick

            Hi Nicolas,

            I’m not sure I follow. I would email you privately, but can’t find your contact info (and don’t blame you). If you could email me, I’d like to find out if, for a charge, you’d be willing to make this work with a couple other customizations?


  • Hi Nicolas, than k you so much for all you’ve done with this beautiful theme. I just donated. The problem I’m having isn’t with the site, it’s with Facebook. When I post a link to my site on Facebook it isn’t picking up the featured image in the post. It’s picking up an image from my sidebar, which is my face!!! It’s so weird to have my face everywhere. Hoe can I solve this? I searched the forum and the site snippets and didn’t see it. I hope it’s resolved and I’m just not smart enough to find it yet. Either way, please advise 🙂 Also, have a great day.